Winter Travel Tips I think I have finally gotten it right for traveling in the winter with just one suitcase, and visiting the laundromat only every 10 days or more. First, decide on a good dark color to form the basis of your wardrobe. I chose black. Navy blue, charcoal grey, brown are other great choices.

Second, pick out a comfortable pair of slacks for travel, pack only one more. I chose black jeans, material is heavier, more durable, and black does not look as casual as blue jeans. I added a black skirt, or you could add one more pair of slacks. Rotate wearing your slacks every day, leaving the ones you are not wearing hanging in the closet to air out.

Shoes, wear one pair, comfortable, easy on/easy off for airport security. Take only one other pair. This is in case you get caught in the rain you’ll be able to have dry feet the next day. Alternate your shoes every day. Make sure they are both comfortable walking shoes.

Tops! It is winter after all. Pack three turtlenecks, a short-sleeved t-shirt, a sweater. Hang these in your closet and rotate through them – wearing t-shirt, turtleneck, and sweater – on really cold, cold days. Wear the sweater when you need it under your coat, usually evenings.

Socks! One pair of leggings which can actually serve as long johns on cold days under your jeans or wear stylishly with your skirt for a dressier look. 5 pairs of other socks to rotate through twice before you have to do laundry. But, as for underwear, I like to take a dozen.

How do you keep the rotation of items you take with you in order? Here’s what I did….

Hang your shirts on the left facing left. Next hang your skirt, if you take one, or else hang your slacks. When you dress, remove the shirt on the left and the slacks on the left. When climb into your jammies after a day of sightseeing, hang the shirt to the right of your other shirts, and your slacks to the right of your other slacks. If you stick to this rule, you will never wear the same clothes on sequential day

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