Marche Bercy

buy Lyrica dubai The Marche is Sunday and Wednesday market and is very small only consisting of about 7 stalls but has at east one of every food group. It is located in the village of Bercy on metro line 14 and the Cour St-Emilion metro stop a short walk fromPlace Lachambaudie where the market is located be sure to take the route through Bercy Village. A paved courtyard bordered with white stone storehouses and quiet terraces.
An architecture that combines stone with steel, wood and glass.
The Cour Saint-Emilion and its 42 storehouses, which are registered on the French supplementary Historic Monuments list, are all that remain of the Bercy storage areas where, for over a century, the largest wine market in the world was held.
Bercy is also a diverse area with shops, restaurants, leisure activities and entertainment spread over 26,000m including Five Guys, Fnac, Va Piano, Sephora, Fragonard, Nature & Dcouvertes, Maje, Sandro and the UGC Cine Cite cinema multiplex.