Who are we?

buy isotretinoin online usa The characters featured in this blog consist of three couples from Central Virginia.

Malapatan Mike and Pat

Pat and Mike, retired from corporate life and operated a Bed and Breakfast for 12 years in Richmond Virginia (The William Miller House) we try to spend four to five weeks in France every year, visiting new spots and taking advantage of changes of previously visited areas. Change happens, even in France and some places like Pont du Gard have a totally new look, in terms of access and visitor amenities. As for barging on the canals and rivers of France, they have made three (3) trips (The Midi Canal, the Lot in Dordogne and the Seine River and Petite Seine River in Burgundy. Driving a car in France is fairly easy, directions are not; so, we bring our Garmin along and named her Frances. Trains in France are modern and a quick way to move from point A to point B. And, in Paris the Metro is the way to go, however the last few years we have opted to use the Metro Bus, same price and you get to see the sights, although it can take a bit longer.

Mike and Pat have left the hustle and bustle of City life and moved from Richmond to Mathews county and now live on a creek about 1000 feet from the Chesapeake Bay. (updated February 2018)


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