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Paramus Glenn and Kimberly probably our longest friends and we have shared many adventures around the world over the years, including Europe, sailing the BVI and USVI, the Chesapeake Bay.  The adventures never stop.












Lake Shore Shoe and Carol have been friends with Mike for a long time, even before Pat. They have also retired and are looking forward to this latest adventure in France.  At home, their life is filled with the joy of friends and family, golf, church, dining out and entertaining in their beautiful home.

Shoe and Carol

Shoe and Carol


Lou and Sandy are friends of Carol and Shoe’s, also keen golfing buddies. Lou is still working, but Sandy has retired. Lou has future plans to retire and maybe this adventure will entice him along. During the Paris portion of the trip, Lou and Sandy will break from us for a day, fly to Sweden, and watch their new Volvo come off the line.



Emy and Carol arrive for the last week to stay in a smaller apartment in the 7th on the Left Bank.  Emy is Pat’s Fan District and ballet friend and Carol is her buddy. They are both from Virginia, Emy is retired from Becton Dickenson, Carol is a retired middle school teacher. Click on the photo to see the rest of them!

Martin and Paula joined us for a part of our 2012 trip to Paris.  They are really good sports living on the fold out couch for 10-days and sharing a bathroom.  Martin and Paula own a B&B and Wedding Resort in Richmond.

Martin and Paula

Martin & Paula enjoy their 1st French crepe









Shelley Rohde enjoying her first onion soup in Paris.

The newest addition to our Friends page is Shelley Rohde, she is actually family but we will keep this our little secret. March of 2019 is actually Shelley’s first trip to Paris and we think she loves it and will most probably we joining us in a future trip.

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