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We will post travel tip here, sometimes things we discovered in advance through various sources and other times learned through the school of hard nocks.  In ant case we hope they make your journeys both safe and more enjoyable.

Misoprostol in usa Travel documents – In the world of technology there is no reason to leave home without all important documents (copies of: passports, credit card, debit card, medical records, medical power of attorney, marriage certificate [for those with different surnames], etc). They can be placed on your personal web site, password protected, or on a thumb drive which you can carry with you and takes little or no room.,64/request_format~html/ Back Packs – OK I’ll admit right up front I despise them.   Leave them home! Why on Gods green earth do you have to haul a bag of who know what for all your SHIT!  It got to kill you shoulders at the end of the day and make you sweat in summer.  In addition they are a huge target for “grab and run” thieves, especially in Italian Cities, the grab and go country. If you need all this stuff to travel then stay home.  If you have to wear one – then please remember that the thing is on your back when you walk, when you turn and remember I do not want to be hit one more time by a back pack; you may be the one who pushes me over the edge!

Paris – Les Frenchies Travel Guide (V14 (2022))

Traveling by Train – Buy your ticket online if possible through RailEurope if possible, you can pay online and then retrieve you tickets from the Kiosk in the train station.  This usually results in a saving over buying from a live person in the station and no language difficulties.  The ticket will indicate your car and seat, we always reserve because its only a few Euros more.  UPDATE: Of late we have had some difficulty with this process because Rail Europe seems to be changing it process, so its a good idea to check with both and we also had a problem where we could not print our tickets and had to make reservation at the station, we will continue to update this information as we more frequently use the process.  We also encounter a problem while in Germany we were on a French Cell site and had to retrieve our tickets in France, we simply cancelled and re booked so be careful.  We are adventurers travels so this may not be for everyone.

When traveling by train be sure to listen for your station and move immediately to the door and be ready to get off as soon as the doors open or incoming passenger will block the entrance and you may not be able to get off, this is a mistake you will only make once.

Car Rentals – We have found that Europcar and Sixt are best and you can pay in US Dollars when making your reservation saving 20-25%.

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Six Days in Paris (2000) spread sheet Get a Copy or a copy of the file in a PDF format

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