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buy prednisone in usa All major French cities are connected by TGV, the hi-speed train network which travels at speeds nearly 200 mph. Considering that France is the size of Texas, your destinations are now just a “whirl” away.

Douma In no more time than the average New York commute (or about 45 minutes), you could hop from Paris to Reims while marveling through the magnificent vineyards of Champagne. Just two hours takes you from Paris to the cultural center of Nantes. There, you’ll ride along the Loire, watching local fishermen boating on the “royal river.” In three-hours, TGV journeys to Marseille and the Mediterranean Sea. Here, you’ll discover gorgeous geography and fascinating history, traveling through Burgundy’s medieval villages, along the tumultuous Rhone river, and through Provence where you’ll pass by the Pont du Gard—a 161-foot high Roman aqueduct, still overlooking lavender fields a mere 2,000 years after completion.

What’s more, France’s hi-speed rail network also connects to neighboring countries. And you can be in many North-European capitals in a few short hours from Paris. Why fly when you can enjoy the comfort, speed, and convenience of train travel? Not to mention its environmental friendliness.

If you plan to travel just once or twice on TGV, you should purchase tickets. But if you’re planning on traveling to more than two cities from Paris, Rail Europe’s Anywhere Anytime France is your best choice. It features a collection of prepaid first-class e-tickets at a flat rate, allowing you to organize your trip in advance—or indulge your spur-of-the-moment impulses (Rail Europe lets you modify your schedule online minutes before departure). Or, if you’d rather an in-depth exploration of a particular region via the local train service, choose a France Pass. The Pass lets you hop on and hop off local trains (which run frequently and are very comfortable). Just be sure to make a reservation to secure seating on longer-distance trips.

Paris/Germany 2014, Day 26 Headed to Ramstein

Our train departs Paris Gare L’Est at 1310.  We are planning to depart at 1130 for the station.  We left the apartment a bit early, and because it is Sunday, even though the buses run less often there was relatively … Continue reading

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Monday, Monday in our World

We checked out of the Presidential Inn at Andrews Air Force Base and headed for BWI.  Last night they were forecasting snow, but we awoke to heavy rain.  The arrived at BWI at about 0930, parked the car in the … Continue reading

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Were off February 1

Morgan got dropped off yesterday a Camp Katie and were headed to BWI to try and catch the  2030 flight to Germany.  Flights have been undersubscribed so were optimistic that we will get out without difficulty but one never knows. … Continue reading

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February-March 2014 & Paris

The planning has begun for our next trip, we have secured an apartment in the 16th arrondissement and made our train reservations from Germany to Paris, France.  I have registered for Space-A travel and we are watching the schedule closely. … Continue reading

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On to Paris October 26 2013

We set our alarms very early to get up, pack the car and head to Basel, Switzerland to return our rental car. Since we were so early, we encountered little traffic on the way to and on the motorway and … Continue reading

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The Planning has begun for the October Trip

  This October, actually late September we are off for Europe with friends Shoe and Carol. The trip and itinerary is pretty much complete, at leas the big decisions.  Of course there will be minor changes along the way but … Continue reading

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Train Ride Through the Country

After squaring the apartment away and packing up a lunch for the train, we checked out of our Paris apartment. Mike had purchased a baguette from Maison Collet this morning, so he took left over rotisserie chicken, sliced tomato, and … Continue reading

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Lunch with Bruce and Tom

Mike had arranged a call with an international financing firm in the morning, but the call never materialized, so we set off to meet Bruce and Tom at Gare de l’Est.  They had arrived yesterday afternoon at Ramstein and were … Continue reading

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Day One of the 2012 Adventure

Monday, February 6th was a beautiful morning in Richmond.  We hurried about our chores to get ready to go away; simply washing and drying linens, making coffee, straightening up so Jessica could move right in!  Mike re-checked an e-mail he … Continue reading

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Vannes/Paris, Saturday, October 17, 2009

We arrived at the train station in Vannes, dropped off the rental at Europcar, and caught our train to Rennes where we would change to a train to Paris.  The train to Rennes was a regional train, all seats were … Continue reading

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