Paris/Germany 2014, Day 26 Headed to Ramstein Our train departs Paris Gare L’Est at 1310.  We are planning to depart at 1130 for the

Bus at our stop on Rue Kleber

Ōdachō-ōda Buss at our stop on Rue Kleber

station.  We left the apartment a bit early, and because it is

Gare de l'Est Paris France

Gare de l’Est Paris France

Sunday, even though the buses run less often there was relatively no traffic so were at Gare De l’Est early, but we got a bench and nestled in.  The train boarded on time and we headed toward Germany, unfortunately the train was a German DB train, which means or included meal was only so-so, TGV has better food.

We arrived Kaiserslautern at 1535 right on schedule.  We opted for a taxi to the base so I asked the driver if he could get on the Air Force Base and he wain he could so were were off to the Ramstein Inn across from the Terminal where we have a two night reservation, trying to cover the chance of not getting seat on Monday.

We checked in, store or bags and then when across the street to the Terminal to see if we could find out how many tentative seats are available at the time, about 1600-hours.  The checkin agent said he had about 63 at the time, not the perfect number but were hopeful we will get tow of them.

We’ll have dinner tonight at the Macaroni grill here in the KMCC Mall, they have the best Calamari Fritti in Germany, as the story goes, it may actually be the only calamari but it is good.

As of 2000 there are now 87 tentative seats.

Roll call tomorrow is 0620.




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