Restaurants in Paris

Restaurant List (March 2012)
(The star rating is ours and ours alone and is only our opinion)

La Cordonnerie ✩✩✩✩
20 rue Saint-Roch (1st arr.)
Traditional french food

Cafẻ du Centre ✩✩
58 rue Montorgueil (2nd arr.)
Cafe/bistro fare

La Pointe Saint-Eustache ✩✩
1 rue Montorgueil (2nd arr.)
Great Service with a great people watching location in Les Halles

Aux Tonneaux des Halles ✩✩✩
28, rue Montorgueil (2nd arr.)
Traditional French bistro food, good menu

Restaurant L’epicerie ✩✩✩
30, rue Montorgueil (2nd arr.)
Traditional  French Food, good menu with changing plats

Café du Marche ✩✩
30 rue Cler (7th arr.)
Bistro food, very busy place on a busy market street

L’ AS du Fallafel ✩✩✩
34, rue des Rosier (4th arr.)
Paris’s most famous falafel joint, this restaurant is item number two on David Lebovitz’s list of 10 Insanely Delicious Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Paris—pretty high praise from a discerning Paris blogger. Lunch here is definitely an experience, not just because of the sandwich; it has the longest line, the most boisterous staff, and photos of Lenny Kravitz (apparently a loyal customer) on the walls.

Le Bistro de la B  ✩✩✩
9 rue de Bievre (5th arr.)
There are a huge number of restaurants crammed into small streets near Bd. St. Michel, but we wanted a more Parisian experience and found Bistro de la B. at 9 rue de Bievre a few blocks west of the touristy area. Only a block from the river, this small restaurant was delightful. The menu of 3 courses was reasonably priced and the service warm.

Le Paul Bert ✩✩
20 Rue Paul Bert, 93400 Saint-Ouen, France
(Just outside the city by the famous Marché a Puce)
If you’re wandering around the fleamarket at Clignancourt, this is the place to stop and have lunch or a snack. Attached to the Paul-Bert market building, this pub has existed as long as the fleamarket (and has since been renovated!). Traditional cooking with nice little dishes of stews served in pots, like chicken broth or rabbit with mustard sauce.  Fills quickly!

Le Relais de l’Entrecôte ✩✩✩
3 location in Paris (6, 8, & 9th arr.) We eaten in all 3 locations
Le Relais de l’Entrecote is a must dine in restaurant in Paris.  You start with their lovely Endive Salad followed by their famous Rib Steak cut thinly and served with the best fries you have ever had, next to La Cordonnerie, of course. The steak is serverd with the Entrecote’s secret sauce! If you like your steak well done, beware that you may not get your steak as well done as you like it. You can also choose from a great selection of deserts. No reservations so go to the restaurant.

Café du Metro ✩
67, rue du Rennes (6th Arr.)
Good location, avoid the pasta dishes they did not loo that good.

Al Taglio – Pizza  ✩✩
27, rue de Saintonge (3rd arr.)
I immediately knew I would like Al Taglio as soon as I walked in because I like sitting at high counters. Although there are tables overlooking the small square outdoors, there’s something about sitting on a high stool at a communal table that’s always been my very favorite way to eat. You buy the pizza by the kilo.

Le bon Pêcheur ✩✩
9 Rue des Pêcheurs (2nd arr.)
This is our new place  to go for moules and frites, better than Leon du Bruxelles and less expensive.

Victoria Station (Pizza/Italian) ✩✩✩
11 Boulevard Montmatre (2nd arr.)
Dining car, you are installed in small cabins train version “Wild Wild West”.
Imagine the caravan of James West!
Isolated as a light atmosphere, enjoy a barbecue honest, escalopes Milanese and pizzas to delicate perfume of charcoal, from their wood fired oven.
For cheese lovers of fine paste, jump on the “pizza with goat” (and only the goat!) With ham and fresh cream: it changes us pleasantly of the four traditional cheeses.  There pasta is good as well.

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