Let the Fun Begin – Off to Europe

Morgan awaiting Departure

Morgan awaiting Departure

We have departed Richmond, Virginia for our Journey which begins in Landstuhl Germany (Ramstein AFB).  The three of us (Pat, Mike and Morgan) are in the car headed to Chantilly Virginia to drop off Morgan (the dog) at

Hope they love Morgan as much as shoes!

Hope they love Morgan as much as shoes!

Tessa and Natalie’s  house so they can test drive being responsible dog owners.  Then we head over to BWI’s AMC Terminal to see if we can catch a hop to Germany.  There are flights leaving Saturday (today) and Monday, also Tuesday, but if we cant get out on Monday we may have to head to Dulles for a commercial flight (Ouch!).  Wish us luck!


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  1. Celeste Orwat says:

    Yes! Tessa and Natalie do love Morgan as much as those shoes…and even more. Actually, we all do. We even catch Mark talking to her when no one is looking…haha:)

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