Birthday in Germany

buy gabapentin 100mg uk That’s right, today is Mike’s Birthday. It seems like most years we are traveling somewhere on his birthday. Perhaps, it’s because most tourists are unable to travel this time of year; at any rate, we are very lucky.

Mike's special birthday card! Theme: obviously his favorite city!

buy Clomiphene and hcg Mike’s special birthday card! Theme: obviously his favorite city!

We spent a rather slow day, recovering from travel. First stop after the 7 minute work out: croissant and coffee. It is way too bad that we can’t get croissants this good in Richmond – or coffee either for that matter.

Second stop RTT Travel, right here in the AF Inn to arrange train tickets to Amsterdam tomorrow.  While at the travel agent, we saw a flyer for an excursion from Frankfort to Vietnam, a 10 or 12 day excursion. That might be a future adventure. We’re sure Viet Nam is very different today from when Mike was there so many years ago.

Since it was a bright sunny day, we decided to walk around the base to get better bearings. Every time we had been here previously, we arrived and caught a train to somewhere else or arrived late afternoon and headed home the next morning.  All in all, we walked for two and a half hours, maybe strolled (I was with Mike after all).

Back at AFInn, Mike spent some time on the computer, trying to make sure alarms did not go off at 2 am again! We tried to extrapolate from current conditions and flights what going home might be like and whether we should try to get reservations here at AFInn in preparation. We submitted request electronically but the server was down. I’m sure we’ll get word later.

Mike’s birthday dinner was at the Paradox in Ramstein Village. We started off with celebratory beer! After all, we are in Germany and tomorrow starts October. Dinner photo was awfully dark, so I am not posting it. Mike had steak, I had schnitzel with a spicy red pepper sauce, tossed salad, and rosti with a glass of white wine.

A toast to Mike's Birthday

A toast to Mike’s Birthday

While at dinner, we overheard the couple at the table adjacent discussing whether to drive or take the train to Paris. I wrote down La Cordonnerie’s address and phone in Paris and suggested they might want to try to dine at Hugo’s while they are in Paris. They were visiting their daughter, who is completing her student teaching requirement at Ramstein, and her grandfather had tagged along. We shared a few suggestions about Paris before they left – including leaving the car in Frankfort!

All in all, it was a delightful day!


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