3 Village Squares in Paris

Yeah, sure, okay. We get it, starting from now, you’re all going hunting for a spot in the outdoors. So we couldn’t possibly just give you one sunny square to relax in, you need at least 3. These city squares are picturesque, cheerful and super sun-drenched.

The most charming It may not be the prettiest one, but it’s definitely the most lively. Admire its church, its old-school drinking fountain and its passers-by. Get close to Ménilmontant, go up Rue Etienne Dolet and settle yourself on the terrace of L’Emir before ordering shisha with mint tea. It’s tanning time.
Place Maurice Chevalier, 20th arrondissement. Metro stop: Ménilmontant. Another terrace: La Pétanque Bar.

The one for early birds This one is best in the morning, preferably with a croissant in hand. Of course, it’s already well-known, but have you ever thought about having breakfast in the sun at Le Bar du Caveau?
Place Dauphine, 1st arrondissement. Metro stop: Cité. Another terrace: La Rose de France.

The most ‘Provençal’ “Keep your eyes open, this one tends to play hide-and-seek,” said the nice little florist who showed us the way here. And he was right to warn us: turns out Place Sainte Marthe is as lively as it is hidden. Take a seat at nearby bar La Sardine and make sure you choose the blue table (hint: it enjoys a permanent ray of sunshine.)
Place Sainte Marthe, 10th arrondissement. Metro stop: Belleville. Other terraces: Le Sainte-Marthe, Le Galopin.

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