Paris Arrival 2020

The day got off to a slow start.  Our flight from Philadelphia arrive early due to a tail wind, normally this is a good thing because we take the RER and Metro so no schedules to deal with, however the trip we arranged for G7 Taxi to pick up up.  So with it being Sunday and airport passenger traffic light we brewed through Immigration and got our bas ASAP however we had to wait around for and hour for the Taxi.  Again good news bad news, the was no traffic on the road from the airport so the normal 1 hour ride took about 30 minutes. So were to meet the apartment people at 10:00 and we arrived at 09:30, again a wait.

Good news were all in the apartment and we have all unpacked and we have been out to the grocery for basic supplies so we can have some wine and cheese today and coffee in the morning.  I have located the nearest boulangerie so that I can get croissants and a baguette in the morning.

The apartment is across the street from Le Grande Epicerie de Paris.

We have charged our Navigo passes Pat and I for a month and Shelley for a week and Stacy has a brand new Navigo as well.

Tonight we’re headed to La Rotonde de la Muette for dinner.

Note: We changed restaurants at the last minute and opted to visit the Madison Caffe.  It had a great happy hour with 3€ drinks and a pretty good Focaccsia however our suggestion is that enjoy the happy hour and move on while the some of pasta was tasty it was a bit under seasoned, we had the pasta with mushrooms, the fusilli Arrabbiata, needed more heat, and the Fettuccine Alfredo needed more parmesan as did the fettuccine salmon.

Tomorrow Pat and I will take the metro  9 over to Madeleine and get off at St. Augustine and a short 8 minute walk to the Freemobile Store to get SIM cards so we will have a French number and data service for about 20€ for the month


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