Epilogue Israel and Egypt

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http://rhythmsfitness.com/about-rhythms-fitness-studio/directions/ We arrived home somewhat exhausted and we’re still getting up very early trying to get our internal clock on east coast time.

This trip was all about religious history and the 4000 year history of Egypt, with a spattering of political history and events.

We had two excellent guides, in Israel it was Michel Granot, and in Egypt is was Maged (Magic) Salib.  Both guides were excellent, Michel was a free spirit and held very interesting opinions about the history of Israel, but she was very informative and knew her history.  Magic had more information in his head that most of the books written about the subject than one could imagine. Both guides made the trip a pleasure to be on and both were fun individuals as well as helpful and kept an eye on everyone all the time, an some really needed to be watch!

The food, wait for it…

The buffet at The King David Hotel in Jerusalem, with cheese cake for breakfast

The food was good, not great, unfortunately both countries do not know that meat can be served any where below medium, there is no pink in the middle eastern diet, and while many dishes held up the the philosophy other did not.  In Egypt they are in love with cumin and I do mean in love, it in everything, including sprinkled on croissant when baked for breakfast. We were exposed to many variations of falafels including both meat Balls and fish balls rolled in chickpea flour and fried, kabobs were very popular and the one are they excelled was when some thing was grilled.

Smoked brisket at a restaurant in Jerusalem name the Culinary Workshop and it was excellent!

Spices in the spice market, notice the large bag of hibiscus used for tea, and to make jam.

The various spices and excellent prices in eluding vanilla beans from Madagascar and saffron from Egypt.

Baking bread at our lunch spot, 9 Pyramid Lounge

Chickens on the rotisserie and quail  on the far side being flipped.

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