Sunday February 11 Massai Village We got up this morning had a leisurely breakfast around 7:15 am and then boarded the land cruiser along with Glenn and Kimberly headed towards the Massai Village. It was a about an hour and 15 minute ride through the muddy muddy roads of the reserve, we passed through the reserves entrance. The Ranger checked our papers, and we were off on what appeared to be hard roads, but not necessarily pothole free roads. We arrived at the Massai Village at about 930. The natives were waiting for us at in the village, and the men performed a tribal dance. We then went into the village, and we toured a mud and elephant, dung home of one of the men of the village, these houses are built by the women of the village and have a life cycle of about 15 years, it was very small andinside there was a little storage area then you sort of wound around to what they consider their living room, which was about a 6 x 6 room which also included a kitchen fire, which burns all day, there is also two bedrooms, one for the children and one for the wife, the man has multiple wives and wander from house to house,  and a few pots and pans the fire gets started in the morning, for the whole village,  by using an old-fashioned hearth board and spindle technique where the kindling is elephant dung. The fire is then distributed to all the houses. Then the ladies did their dance and singing, they were joined by Pat and Kimberly. Following the ladies dance we high-fived all the ladies and the were taken to the village shopping area. Clearly set up for tourists there were items of every shape and size from necklaces, bracelets, and even rings the collection was rounded out by many many home use items like salad, forks, and spoons animal figurines knives, which were quite honestly poorly made. There was also placemats, which of course Pat was able to select four to take home for our breakfast table. There really was no negotiating. The prices were fairly fixed. They did take credit cards however, they did prefer cash so that was quite the negotiation which ended up with no discount whatsoever. We then loaded back into the lion cruiser and headed back to our camp to for lunch and to relax for the afternoon. Glenn and I decided not to go on the afternoon game drive which left at 4 o’clock. My ankles have been a little swollen so I decided to stay here. I believe that Pat and Kimberly may get to see a sundowner cause that’s usually what they do on the last night of your stay at all of these camps. However, they may decide to skip that and come on straight back. It will be up to them.

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