Paris 2019 – Day 8

Late start this morning do to the rain.  We decided to visit all of the street Food Markets in Paris (Mike & Pat’s Food Market Adventures), not all in one day and maybe not all on this trip but that is our next goal and everyone needs goals.  There are actually 78 of them and we may have already visited maybe up to ⅓ of them but we will have to go through the list and see.

Marché Auteuil
Place Jean Lorrain 16th arrondissement

Today we headed to the Marché Auteuil,  at Place Jean Lorrain .  This street market is on a triangle at an intersection and is actually organized in three separate row of stalls with tight aisles which work well in the morning rain.

Marché Auteuil
Place Jean Lorrain 16th arrondissement

Mike outside the Apple store.

Following the market we jumped on the 52 bus to Opera for our traditional visit to the Paris Apple store.  We always check in and I wanted to show Pat the difference between the new iPad and the smaller iPad Pro because it time for an upgrade and she wants one smaller than her iPad Pro so we compared the iPad Pro 10.5″ and the

Pat by the door of the Apple store in Paris

iPad 9.5″.  Of course we will wait until we get home to make the purchase but I believe she wants the 9.5″.

Pat was impressed by all of the [leated shirts coming back.

While we were in the area Pat wanted to go over to Galleries Lafayette so Pat could check out the latest fashions and some home furnishings. When we were done with our window shopping we crossed the street to the Galleries Market and Home Store so Pat could browse the china, etc.  While there we decided to get some fresh pasta, sauce and parmesan cheese to make for tonights dinner.  There is a pasta place by the apartment but the selections of ravioli were inviting.

Steps = 8,769 or 4 miles (-444 calories)


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