Paris 2019 – Day 7

Place Octave Chanute (19th)

As promised, we’re off to visit the remaining 2 streets of the 5 secret streets of Paris La Campagne À Paris (Place Octave Chanute) and La Mouzaïa (Rue de Mouzïa). We began our voyage on the metro and finished a pied to Place Octave Chanute in the 19th arrondissement. The group of streets known as la campagne à Paris is a block  of buildings located on a hill to the east of Paris. The roads are lined with small red brick houses with rose bushes on the façades. Unfortunately, no roses blooming this time of year. They originally were intended as low-income housing given that they were built on the land of an old quarry. Took the staircase to rue Irenée Blanc and explore this idyllic pastoral neighbourhood.

We left this beautiful neighborhood of winding streets and headed for Rue de Mouzïa.  This was a bit tricker because unlike the others we did not have a particular street to which to navigate.  We opted to take the Tram which is similar to a metro except it runs above ground more like an old fashion trolly car.  We departed the tram and with a little help from the internet we found information about Rue de Mouzïa “WALK IN LA MOUZAÏA (OR “QUARTIER D’AMÉRIQUE”)”. We eventually found a starting point and strolled up Rue de Mouzïa looking up the side streets enjoying the quiet of the area. This green enclave near Parc des Buttes Chaumont is like a little island with its tiny houses, flower gardens and steep cobbled streets where it’s fun to get lost. Originally this was cheap housing, for working-class people, but nowadays more affluent Parisians live here, in this tiny village in the centre of Paris.

Mike Croque Monsieur with frites

Pat’s salad of the season with roasted pears, Jambon, and warm goat cheese

On our way back to the apartment we stopped for a late lunch in the 1st at one of our favorite cafes by the church L’église Saint-Eustache, La Pointe Saint-Eustache at 1 rue Montorgueil.

Here in an interesting bit of trivia, while writing this post I noticed that the 19th arrondissement was the only one we had not spent any time in. This now means that we have explored or pursued an adventure in all 20 of Paris’s arrondissements.  This is not to say we have run out of things to do and see because there are plenty more but I think this is a big achievement.

Steps today = 15,544 or 7.1 miles (-788 calories)

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