Paris 2019 – Day 18

We planned our day to avoid the Yellow Vest protests, or at least we figures we did based on their Facebook page.

On todays list; Sacré-Cœur, Montmartre, and the souvenir shoppes along Rue de Steinkerque, and  the Funicular.

We took the bus to the Franklin D. Roosevelt metro stop and then took the #2 line to Anvers, walked up the hill on Rue de Steinkerque where Pat and Shelley did some souvenir shopping while I watch the Slight-of-hand hustlers on the street.  It so interesting to watch the hustle and how they cheat even the winners. At the end of the street we mad a left turn on to Place Saint Pierre to the funicular and took it to the top of the hill where the Basilique du Sacré Cœur de Montmartre or just is located.  We walk around to the west to avoid the steps up to the cathedral.  We then headed for the Place du Tertre where local artists display there work and wandering artists will draw your photo or caricature for some Euros.

I was getting to be lunch time so we found a cafe with tables in the sun, Au Cadet De Gascogne rich on the square.  Everyone had a salad and a glass of wine, Pat opted for a beer. After lunch a a visit to the WC in the cafe we explored the remainder of the small area of Montmartre, excluding some of the out lying areas like the vineyards and the museum.  After some time we headed back down the hill to the metro when along came a parade of Yellow Vested vandals shouting and screaming and chanting about the injustices marching up Rue de Steinkerque  so we stood to the side and let them pass.  They were for the

Yellow Vest Group walking up Rue Steinkerque on Saturday March 23, 2019 in the afternoon.

most part peaceful mostly because there was police everywhere dressed in riot gear, and at the top of Montmartre before we boarded the funicular for the ride down the were Gendarme’s in full Riot gear like

Le Coincidence at 15 rue Mesnil in the 16th arrondissement

something out of a terminator movie.  Back on the metro we made it as far as Villiers before the metro came to a stop and were were forced to get off, again because of security concern.  A bit of investigation and we found we found transfer to the #3 and then to the #9 to get back to the apartment.

Were in the apartment recovering and thinking about dinner.

A full breast of duck, medium rare, I took the photo after I started to eat dinner.

We decided to go to a restaurant recommended by Shelley’s sisters friend so we figured we would give it a try.  The restaurants name is Le Coincidence at 15 rue Mesnil which is off Place Visitor Hugo.  We stared with sharing a bowl of butternut squash and a plate of asparagus with poached egg and salad.  For our main course we all selected the the duck breast with and orange sauce, creamy mashed potatoes and mushrooms. We all thought the food was good, the owner and the staff were very nice and helpful.  If I only had one bad thing to say it is that they cater to an English speaking clientele, not a bad thing but we prefer French speaking restaurant where we have to some times struggle but we get a better description because translation can be a problem.  But if you would like not to struggle and have good food this may be a good choice.

Steps today =10,862 or 4.9 miles (-527 calories)

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