Is a Navigo Découverte Card right for you?

Every time we visit Paris we charge our Navigo Découverte card, one week is about $25 and a month is about $85. You can now charge your Navigo for a single day for about $8.50. We try to plan our visit to coincide with a full month.

OK, this visit our card expired after 10 years and we had to get a new card. At the Aéroport Charles DeGaulle it was a seamless experience.  The lady took our old card, out out the photo, wrote our names and handed up a new card, without the 5€ charge: EXCELLENT!

So we recharges our cards (for a month $85)at the Airport and took the RER Train to our apartment ($11.75). A singe ride on the PARIS metro is $2.12. You can buy a book of 10 tickets for $16.60 or $1.60 per ride.

We calculated that we rode the metro, bus, RER Train and Tram about 8-10 times per day.

The math:
$1.60 * 25(days) * 8 (trips) = $320

So you can see for us we saved $235 in transportation costs per person.

We like to hear your experience? Add a comment below.

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