Paris 2019 – Day 26

Our last day with transportation in Paris, our Navigo expires at mid-night so if we want to travel by metro or bus we must purchase a ticket at 1.90 euros.

Today was the first day of daylight saving time in France.

31 Mar 2019 – Daylight Saving Time Started

When local standard time was about to reach
Sunday, 31 March 2019, 02:00:00 clocks were turned forward 1 hour to
Sunday, 31 March 2019, 03:00:00 local daylight time instead.

We’re off today to the Portes de Vanves flee market. (Marchê aux Puse Portes de Vanves). At Alex’s recommendation we decided to take the above ground route.  We walked up to the Boulevard Henri Martin and walked west to the Périphérique Circulator Bus or PC3 and got aboard and headed in the direction of Pont du Garigliano.  Upon arrival we boarded the Tram T3a and got off at Didot and a short 2 minute walk to the market.  We browsed the market for the complete length and Pat observed some items that she would have purchased if she still had the business “The three French Hen” but that was what seems like a long time ago in Richmond.  We noticed that there was a street market in processionals so we walked that market as well. The street market was the Marché Brune.On the Circulator ride Bach we passed another Marché, Marché Point du Jour, but we decided not to stop.

When we got on the PC3 instead of getting off at our stop we chose to ride it to the end of the line and get back on, you get an interesting perspective about the far reach of Paris along the western side.  This is also where all of the car dealerships are located as well as a large number of parks, a stadium for foot Baal and other activities like skate parks etc.

On our way back we walked down Avenue Victor-Hugo to find a place for a glass of beer it is quite warm today at 64-degrees.  Were wanted to stop at the newly renovate restaurant by the RER station but all tables were taken by families have Sunday dinner, very upscale and I’m sure they made reservations.  We ended up at Le Victor-Hugo cafe and enjoyed the Beer and a very small;ll cup of free pop corn.

Tonight were headed to Le Stella for dinner.

“Le Stella is an outstanding restaurant located in the upscale Trocadero neighborhood of the 16th arrondissement. Le Stella is a classic French bistro. The menu features classic French game and seafood dishes and lovely wines and the dining area has a variety of internal and external seating options to accommodate for winter warmth and hot summer evenings. Le Stella is frequented by the French, so is sure to provide you a truly authentic and memorable Parisian restaurant experience. The waiters can help with English translation of the French menu.”

“Since most of Paris’s storied brasseries are now owned by corporate chains and serve wilting, mediocre food, it’s a pleasure to head to one of the last remaining independent ones in a quiet corner of the silk-stocking 16th arrondissement for a fine feed of such well-prepared French classics as onion soup, escargots, sole meunière, steak tartare, roast lamb and other Gallic standards. The people-watching here might be subtitled ‘the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie’; service is efficient and this place has what the French call du gueule, or real character.”

“This tony establishment is on a corner with tables for outdoor seating three seasons of the year and oyster shuckers with their fisherman caps outside busily preparing large platters of oysters, crab, langoustine and large shrimp. Le Stella is a true Parisian brasserie – you won’t find tourists here – just the upper crust of Paris coming for a relaxed family meal.

Don’t be intimidated by the waiters in black bow ties either – they are friendly. The clientele come dressed down in jeans and maybe polo shirts (just don’t be surprised if the women are also wearing Jimmy Choo six-inch high heels with a fur coat).”

“The food is terrific, with classic dishes such as escargots, steak au poivre, and sole meunière. For dessert we tried profiteroles, which is vanilla ice cream served in a light pastry puff. The waiter has a pitcher of extra rich warm dark chocolate sauce that he pours on top.”

We arrived at La Stella around 7:30 after a short walk from our apartment, we were seated inside at our request.  we ordered a carafe of Rosé and 6 oysters.  For dinner Pat ordered the Cod with Chorizo and it came on a bed of cabbage and leeks with a bit of curry, I ordered the veal liver which came with green beans.  We both very much enjoyed our dinner.  For dessert Profiterole for Pat and a apple tart for me, all made in house.  Coffee and cappuccino.

As we walked out to the street the 52 bus pulled up, 2 stop and back at the apartment at about 9:30.

Steps today 13,948 or 6.3 miles (-677 calories)


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