Paris Day 8 (2020)

It Monday and Barry and Bonnie arrive today.

Our agenda is to get them situated with a new Navigo pass and show them how to use the metro.  The next task it to go to the Freemobile Office by Madeline and help them get a French SIM card.  I previously alerted Barry to have AT&T transfer their iPhone from physical SIM to eSIM which he did although not sure it happened.

July Column (French: Colonne de Juillet is a monumental column in Paris commemorating the Revolution of 1830)

We next took them to the Champs de Mars to board the 69 bus which now goes to Gambetta, this accomplished two tasks, it kept them awake and show them how to board and use the bus.  We got off at the Place du Bastille for a beverage, and did not complete the round trip, Stopped for a coffee and some beers and them boarded the M1 metro and headed back the the apartment for some cheese, terrine and bread.

I installed the SIM cards in their iPhones and showed them how they worked with two numbers and then about 5;40 we headed out to dinner. Note:We were successful in keeping Bonnie and Barry up all day.

The group elected to go the Quattro & Un (n41) for dinner.  Pat had the durade over pureé potatoes, Bonnie the Salmon with Quinoa, Barry the mixed omelet and I had the Plat du Jour of Roosbeef, pureé potatoes and salad.  We shared a bottle of Rosé, and Bonnie had sparkling water.  A nice meal.  One the way home we stopped at the chocolate shop and purchased some Chapon Sorbet Framboise and Peche, 77.5% fruit pulp and 28.5 cane sugar. Made in France.

Early to bed tonight.

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