Paris Day 9 (2020)

Out to the market this morning, we decided to revisit the Enfant Rouge market at 39 rue de Bretagne (Metro: Filles du Calvaire).  This market is more a melange of food vendors and a good place to stop in for an early lunch because they close at 1300.

We walk around he their arrondissement for a while and found and interesting Parisian park called Square du Temple – Elie Wiesel We continued on and wandered around the area, until I suggest we go visit the up and coming neighborhood of Belleville.  We took the metro and got off at the Belleville metro stop, right at the foot of Chinatown.  I’m sure they you are all thinking we are crazy right about now saying Chinatown? What with the Coronavirus originating in China. We also encountered a street market in Belleville along the Boulevard Belleville in the median.The market appeared to be what we consider a sub-standard market where vendors sell products near the end of there marketability at reduced prices, the market was vibrant. Belleville (French: [bɛlvil]) is a neighbourhood of Paris, France, parts of which lie in four different arrondissements. The major portion of Belleville straddles the borderline between the 20th arrondissement and the 19th along its main street, the Rue de Belleville. The remainder lies in the 10thand 11th arrondissements.Belleville – home to one of Paris’s lively Chinatowns, a burgeoning artist quarter and a dizzying array of cultures. Belleville has always been a working class neighborhood, with immigration generating much of the area’s zest. What started in the 1920’s with Greeks, Jews and Armenians led to waves of North Africans, Sub-Saharan Africans and Chinese immigrants settling here. Cheap rents have also led artists to flow into the area, making it an ideal spot for their ateliers. Belleville may not provide a typical experience of Paris, but its energy and diversity are certainly worth checking out.

We headed back to the 16th to do some exploring.

We stopped by the Marché Passy and the fish monger was preparing some Oursin, sea urchins.

Dinner tonight was a rotisserie chicken, potatoes and sautéed onions and tomatoes, a baguette and wine


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