Paris Day 14 (2020) The Finally!

Well it’s Sunday here in Paris the first day following the French Prime Ministers order to close all non-essential services. Sunday is normally a day for families to be out and about maybe a walk in the park with the children or grandchildren but not this Sunday.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe ordered most shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities to close starting at midnight on Saturday and told people to stay home as much as possible to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Philippe was speaking at a news conference after the public health authority said 91 people had died in France and almost 4,500 were now infected.

“I have decided to close all non-essential locations, notably cafés, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs and shops,” he said. “We must absolutely limit our movements.”

Exceptions to the ban will include grocery stores, pharmacies and petrol stations.

We were out and about this morning and Paris was looking more like a ghost town than Paris.  Fortunately the Bolangerie on Avenue Mozart was open and were were able purchase bread and Croissant aux Almonds.

Were hoping to find a renegade cafe or Bistro open for dinner but we will have to settle for cleaning out the refrigerator, we have bread, cheese, terrine and salad, we also have eggs etc so our last meal will not be exquisite but filling.

We depart for the airport at 0515 tomorrow morning flying through JFK and then on to Richmond.

Were were briefed by Paula and Martin who returned Saturday to JFK here was their experience:

This was our experience. Yours may be different. They seem to be learning as they go.

We got up to get off the plane but were told to sit back down because we had to fill out a form that needed to be filled out before we could deplane per the CDC. I am assuming they did not learn about this until they opened the doors and were told about it. So have a pen ready.

As soon as we each filled it out we could get back in line to get off the plane. Fill out the form ASAP so you can get in line because at the end of the Jetway were two CDC reps who were taking everyone’s form, temperature and asking questions about where you have been and how you’ve felt the last 14 days. So that took a while even though the plane was half empty.

They strongly suggested to self quarantine for 14 days if able, which we plan on doing even though we feel fine, just want to make sure all is good with all the traveling.

They gave us a card on corona virus information. KEEP THE CARD, at least until you go through customs.

When Paula and I went through global entry, I got an X on mine so I had to go through a side door in the middle of the Kiosks before getting in line that was not marked properly. Paula happened to ask the guy in the room if this is where we went for the X. It was, and the guy scanned my passport and asked if I had the card and asked me to show it to him.

Once in line we saw people sent back  to that side door because they had an X on their paper. One gentleman with an X did not have his card so Paula gave him hers and then once we got up to the customs guy he cleared me right away, but asked Paula some questions and for her card and almost sent her back but let her pass because I had mine.

After that it was the usual, pick up your luggage and then in your case, re-check it in for your next flight.

Only Time will tell! As a note – this is our shortest stay in Paris in a very long time.


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