Paris Day 13 (2020)

Good morning Paris!

Well the natives are restless so we decided to cal the airline to investigate our options as more and more news come out about cancelling flights back to the US in the next week. This all being the results of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the News media.  ARG!

So as you can imagine we are on hold listening to music and being told how important our business is the American Airlines.

Note; There is still plenty of toilet paper on the shelves here in Paris!

The plan for today is to head out to the Puces de Vanves Fea market at Avenue de la Porte de Vanves and rue Marc Sangnier (Arr 14) Metro: Porte de Vanves. Hopefully we will get by the President Wilson Market and get some fish for dinner and resupply on fruit and vegetables.

Well our best played plans were blown all to hell so we decided to shop locally and cook dinner in tonight.  We had a nice dinner of Cod Fish, cauliflower mashed potatoes and asparagus, a couple of glass of a nice Cote du  Rhône and a shared dessert of mille-feuille and an Operá

New this evening said France is closing all restaurants, shop etc so I back on the phone with the GOFARREWARDS folks bring to make arrangement to fly home.



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