Paris 2014, Day 6

Todays cheese: Roquefort


Roquefort – Roquefort is a sheep milk blue cheese from the south of France, and together with Bleu d’Auvergne, Stilton and Gorgonzola is one of the world’s best known blue-cheeses.

About Roquefort: First evidence of Roquefort was discovered in 79 A.D. when Pliny the Elder mentionned its rich aroma. It was the favorite cheese of Charlemagne. Roquefort is made exclusively from the milk of the red Lacaune ewes that graze on the huge plateau of Rouergue, Causses in the Aveyron. A genuine Roquefort has a red sheep on the label.

In 1411 King Charles VI gave rights to the ageing of Roquefort to only one village: Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. Nowadays, Roquefort cheeses still mature naturally in the same caves of this village for a minimum of 4 months. As of 2003, there are seven Roquefort producers. The largest is “Roquefort Société”. “Roquefort Papillon” is also a well-known brand. The five other producers are “Carles”, “Fromageries occitannes”, “Gabriel Coullet”, “Vernières” and “Le Vieux Berger”.

Roquefort making: Roquefort quality comes from the ewe’s milk, the processing of the curd, the “penicillium roqueforti” and then the maturation in natural caves. The mold Penicillium roqueforti was found in the same caves where the cheeses aged. Today, the mold is mostly produced in laboratories to ensure its consistency.

Tasting Roquefort: The taste is complex, creamy and soft.

Tasting advice: Roquefort goes very well with nuts and figs.

Roquefort and wine: Sweet wine such as Muscat, Port or Sauternes


Happy Monday to everyone, and for those of you not in Paris my apologies.  It’s a pleasant day here in the heart of Paris, 46-degrees F and partially sunny.

Local Florist shop

Local Florist shop with faux lighted trees at the entrance!

We went for a short walk today, mostly around the neighborhood area, a large number of businesses in Paris are closed on Monday, including the Marché Couvert de Passy, but there is plenty of window shopping along Rue Passy and exploring to do.  We needed to purchase wine because we were completely out and coffee was low, one never wants to run out of coffee, we also bought vegetables to go with dinner.

Pur Arabica Bouquet d'Aromes

Pur Arabica Bouquet d’Aromes

We found this coffee here in the apartment, it’s from the Casino Super Market and it has become our new favorite.

Tonights dinner will consist of Lamb chops we purchased at Saturdays market, broccoli,  turnip, bread and wine.

Lamb chops from the market Saturday 2/8/2014 on Blvd. President Wilson

Lamb chops from the market Saturday 2/8/2014 on Blvd. President Wilson

Not much more to report today.  Thursday we’rre going Croissant tasting sampling the best croissants in Paris for the year 2013. So be sure to check back for the croissant results.

I did register today for a Traditional French Brioche (Recipe) class on February 28, 2014 so there will be more about that.


We have seen these in white, purple and amber. Love them!

These trees are very interesting we found them all over the 16th completely artificial with lights and leaves in colors ranging from white, to blue, to pink, to this autumn hue.

Epilogue – Lamb chops were the best we have had in a long time!

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