Paris 2019 – Day 6

Grapefruit, Oranges and Strawberries


Bagette and croissants from La Pompadour

Le Beurre Bordier

Off today after a breakfast of coffee, fruit, croissants and baguette.  Only about 500 feet from the apartment it started to hail, about the size of pepper corns, this was a first for un in Paris. We walked down to Passy

to cash a check but found Crédit Agricole bank was closed as are most banks on Monday. We popped into the La Grand Epicerie because I wanted to try some Le Beurre Bordier from Bordier. Add another experience to my list: self-checkout at La Grand Epicerie, a bit different than in the US but  I managed to complete the transaction with a bit of assistance from the clerk, the scanner was wall mounted; who knew? Pat was looking at a book in the apartment titled The 500 Secrets of Paris and noticed that there was a listing of the 5 most secret streets in Paris so, because we had already visited Rue Crémieux, we decided to go visit the other 4 streets.  We found two today and will find the other two tomorrow or another day. Today we visited Square de Montsouris and Rue des Thermopyles. We chose these two because they were fairly close together and the other two are further a field east of Paris.

Onion soup at Au bouquet d’alesia

Coquilles Saint Jacques (Scallops)

Chou de Bruxelles  (Brussel sprouts) and Courgette Blanche (white zucchini squash)

After finishing our visit to the Square de Montsouris we stopped for a light lunch at a cafe Au bouquet d’alesia for a bowl of onion soup and a glass of cote du Rhône wine.

On our way home we stopped at the poissonnerie and purchased some Coquilles Saint Jacques (Scallops) and then at the Les Primeurs for Chou de Bruxelles  (Brussel sprouts) and Courgette Blanche (white zucchini squash).

Steps = 16,103 or 7.4 miles (-816 calories)

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