Paris 2019 – Day 20

Shelly left today, we were up early to make sure see got the taxi we reserved for her at 0600.  We put her in the taxi and wished her bon voyage.  We when bak to bed to attempt to get another hour or two of sleep but apparently someone on the street was blocking the entrance to the parking garage near by and the horn blowing began and continues until we heard a lot of yelling on the street, we assumed the violator returned to move the car or truck block the entrance.  All quiet but a bit too late.

I went to the bakery and we had breakfast.  Monday is laundry day so we did some laundry and we when to the grocery store for necessary items and to gather enough ingredients to create a farmers salad for dinner.  Most of the shops in this area are closed on Monday, this is why we choose it as laundry day, etc.

We had a errand to run over the the Louvre’s gift shop so we put away the groceries and headed out for the afternoon.  We took the metro 9 to the 1 and exited the Rue de Rivoli-Musee du Louvre through the Carrousel exit of the metro station directly into the Louvre on the lover level where you buy tickets, when through Louvre security to the gift shop, made our purchases and headed to the Tuileries garden to enjoy the sun and the beautiful clear day, however, it was bit windy, but beautiful jus the same.

When we got ready to leave Pat asked if we could walk through the garden to Place du Concorde and that the the bus bak to the apartment and of course I said yes.  We strolled through the garden past the children Carrousel, and trampoline play area to the bus stop.

Grass cutting in the Jardin de Tuileries has started already

Unfortunately the 69 bus was not running due to a President Xi Jinping being in the City.  Yesterday they were in Nice, France Xi and his wife arrived around 7pm local time at Villa Kerylos, a Belle Epoque villa museum overlooking the Mediterranean in Beaulieu-sur-Mer. Upon his arrival Xi toured the villa with Macron.

Any way by this time we had committed to walking so we had to cross back over the river and walk to President Wilson Boulevard and catch the metro ant the Iéne metro stop a good 30-minute walk.

We stopped for bread for dinner and settled in for the evening.
Steps today = 14,869 or 6.7 miles



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