Paris Day 10 (2020)

We decided to have Croissant aux Almond so our normal boulangerie had none this morning, so I headed over to the alley off rue Talmal to another boulangerie, no success, them on to Avenue Mozart: Success.  So to get my the Croissants I walked 3800 stems or about 1.6 miles so zero calories today.

After breakfast we hen shopping at the President Wilson Market for dinner and some fruit.  We selected fresh pasta and a homemade sauce by the vendor.

President Wilson market

We then headed up to Montmartre for lunch and to visit Sacré Cœur we stopped for lunch at Cafe Boheme some nice salads.

A panoramic view from Montmatre, click to make larger.

Then on to the Basilica  and the down the hill. While the ladies went shopping in fabric stores Barry and I sat and had a glass of wine on the street below Sacré Cœur.

Pistachio from Bolungerie Mozart

We then headed back to the apartment with a stop along the way for bread and eclairs.  Tonight we chose a Petit épeautre a baguette made with einkorn flour.

Chocolate Eclair

baguette made with einkorn flour.

Done for the day we headed back home


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